Communication in the planning process

Course: GK6 Designing in a system
Duration: Semester Project, spring 2015

Supervisor: Einar Sneve Martinussen
External supervisor: Fredrik Matheson, BEKK Consulting AS
Collaboration with: Ragnhild Nordgård


#user centered design  #interaction design
#systems oriented design #prototyping

Nominated at AHO WORKS 2015:

Prize for complexity and holistic approach

Nominated at AHO WORKS 2015:

Prize for interaction design


Communicating road planning to the public in a way that get people engaged and invites to participate early in the process.


Brief and process

Proposed solution

We got a brief from BEKK Consulting AS, about making road data from Statens Vegvesen (The Norwegian road administration) visible and useful.  We started mapping out the system around roads;  from building them - working on them - using them and being effected by them.  To understand the system better and to try to see possible relations and effects in the system we structured the information in a political hierarchy. We found out that there is a lot of great and idealistic plans for the future made by the state, planners in municipality's and the road administration - and they want people to participate and comment on these plans in an early stage in the planning process. Unfortunately these plans are not always communicated in a format that is easy to understand, making it hard to give relevant and useful feedback.

We wanted to assemble the different arenas for communication that are used today and combine them into one platform, to lower the bar when it comes to understanding and participate in the planning process. The solution we propose implies that the plan get a new digital format, the information about road construction process becomes more understandable and the way to participate becomes  accessible to more people. We have created a website that collects all of these functions so that it is easy to get informed and updated as well as to be a part of the process.

Important functions:



Time-line - To get oriented about where in the process the project is

Categorizing the plans - Making it easier to find out what is relevant

Invite to participation - To get input

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