Safe way home for him and her

Course: GK5 Identity in products, services and interactions
Duration: Semester Project, Autumn 2014

Supervisors: Nina Bjørnstad, Vera Pahle, Monika Hestad,
Henry Nsaiszeka Mainsah, Hans Gerhard Meier

#Brand identity  #Service design
#Product design #Interaction design


Nominated at AHO WORKS 2014:

Prize for Form and Expression

Nominated at AHO WORKS 2014:

Prize for Service Design

When talking about feeling safe on the way home at night, the focus is rarely on the men. Meanwhile, statitics show that young men are the most vulnerable to violence in the public spaces.


Brief and process

The brief this semester was to challange gender roles, and we learned a lot about branding and identity in products and a services. FLOKK is norwegian for pack, or herd, and symbolices that you should take care of your pack, or herd, of friends and family. FLOKK  wants the ride home to feel safe, both for him and her .

Proposed solution

FLOKKs product and service is based on a timer app with a physical button attached to the home key. The user sets the expected time it takes to get home - and as long as he manage to get home in time, the status in the app will turn green, indicating that hes home and safe. If the trip takes longer planned the app sends out a push message to the selected friends to contact you back.


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