iPhone case produced on demand

Course: GK4 Procuction technologies
Duration: 4 week project, spring semester 2014

Supervisors: Steinar Killi and William Kempton

#Product design #Rapid prototyping
#3D printing #Production on demand


What is Contour?!

Contour is a tribute to the majestic nature of Norway in a form that fits in your pocket. The form of mountains and fjords are abstracted into cubistic contours that embraces the phone and meet the metallic back in a rough formation.


This light case is designed to protect your iPhone against bumps, without keeping you from enjoying the design of the phone itself.

The card holder make it easy to remember your business- or credit card, keeping it safe when transported and just requires a gentle lift with your finger to be accessed.

To personalize the case it is available in the colors; white, silver grey and red, and you can add a small logo. (12 x 12 mm)


Prototyping and production

Using 3D-printing as a sketching tool, made it possible to rapidly test prototypes and iterating the designprocess to make the case fit perfectly. In production 3D printing can mean that you do not need a stock of products, saving both space and material. It also makes it easy to adapt and apply the design to new models or other brands. This case for the iPhone 5 is printed in polyamide (Nylon)



This is the result of a 5 week course at the 2nd year Industrial Design studies at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The task was to create mobile telephone casings, produced with 3D printing techniques, include both FDM (Makerbots, etc) and SLS machines.


To test how 3D-printing worked as production method we started up a webshop and offered our smartphone cases to buyers, producing them on demand.

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