Designing chocolate praslines

Course: GK4 From idea to product: molding with chocolate
Duration: 4 week project, Spring 2014

Supervisor: Steinar Killi and William Kempton
Collaboration: Rasmus Agerup, Sofie Thomassen, Eskild Sundt-Hansen

#Production technologies #Product design

Brief and process

To learn more about molding, we got a brief about designing chocolate praslins. We visited Freia chocolate factory in Oslo and found out that mostly elderly peope buy this type of chocolate.
We wanted to try to make an alternative for younger people as well.

We started off with a workshop with a group of young people,
where we got a lot of feedback and ideas to bring with us into the project. We contacted Sebastian Brüno, and visited his little and exlusive chocolatefactory in Oslo and quickly understood that chocolate is a tricky material to work with: specific temperatures and timing is everything in the process, so we tried and failed - and learned a lot!

Explorating form and packaging

We wanted to make chocolate praslins for younger people, that would be modular in such way that you could mix the flavours.

We sketched a lot by hand, and made a lot of form exploring studies in clay until we found the form that expressed the flavours we worked with. We made a lot of mockups of the packaging for the praslins. We wanted it to invite for sharing, present the four different praslins and we did not want it to look sad and empty if half the chocolate box was eaten.


We came up with a solution of the packaging that pushes new praslins forward as one of them gets eaten. (See the packaging in the video)




We 3D printed the forms and made a silicone mold of them, and them we molded the chocolate in our forms  - and this is our final result.

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